ETHBrno² (2022)

November 11-13, 2022 @ Brno ← #privacy #security #lunarpunk hackathon
For a quick overview, you can read our introductory article Announcing ETHBrno².


We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. And good privacy needs good security foundations. Especially today, in a digital age full of people, organizations or governments that want to control you, your money or your data. Therefore, the second edition of ETHBrno (ETHBrno²) will be mainly dedicated to these important topics ― privacy & security.
Our hackathon is for everyone who understands the urgency of these issues and wants to help. We want to present the current progress in this sector as well as the projects, technologies and people involved. We are Ethereum people, but we welcome creators and fans of all blockchains and directions.
Let's learn together to defend against all threats, whether it's loss of privacy and state oppression, smart-contract exploits or simple phishing scams. Let's learn how to analyse them retrospectively. Let's learn how to use the right tools, and if we don't have them, let's create them together.
Don't Trust. Verify. - Run a node - Protect privacy
The term lunarpunk was first introduced in the article "Lunarpunk and the Dark Side of the Cycle" by Rachel-Rose O'Leary (@lunar_mining), who also narrated the video above. You will be able to meet her at this year's ETHBrno.


Privacy, Security, Self-sovereignty, Non-KYC, Encryption, Peer-to-peer (P2P), Cypherpunk, Lunarpunk, Open-source, Web3, Smart-contracts, Audits, Vulnerabilities, Analytics, Wallets, Scams, Dark Forest, Maximal extractable value (MEV), Zero-knowledge Proofs (zkp)
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