Community calls

Discussions about topics and people around ETHBrno²
The main event and its focus will be introduced on the weekly "Community calls" on Twitter Spaces.
Every Community call will be focused on a topic relevant to the theme of the main event and on each we will introduce one of the speakers or mentors. We aim to keep calls within one hour.
Suggested schedule of the event:
  • Welcome & speaker introduction <15 minutes
  • Topic introduction and speaker presentation < 20 minutes
  • Q&A < 15 minutes
An open form for questions will be introduced in advance for every event. Events will be announced on Twitter.
Moderators: Adam Sobotka, Tereza

List of events

Guests and topic
w/ Anett (@AnettRolikova) - NFTs and privacy
w/ Rachel-Rose O'Leary (@lunar_mining) - Lunarpunk, DarkFi
w/ DrNick (@drnicka) - DAOs and Society
w/ Silur ( - Trilemma, social networks and new trends in the block.
w/DCBuild3r (DCBuild3r) - MEV, ZKP and censorship
w/Christoph Jentzsch (ChrJentzsch) - The DAO, Early Ethereum days