@ ETHBrno² - Privacy & Security
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Becoming an active participant is the only way you can get a ticket and secure your participation in ETHBrno². We're expecting a few hundred hackers (or volunteers, speakers, mentors, judges) and we won't be selling any tickets.
You don't have to be a smart-contract developer or programmer to participate in our hackathon - you can be also a copywriter, economist, graphic designer, community builder, translator... Today's world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 is no longer just a nerd tech thing, but we need collaboration across professions to move forward.
Our hackathon is open to all open minds who don't want to stand passively by, but want to put their own hands and heads to work in our collective effort. But, that doesn't mean you have to sit at your laptop and work all the time. The main thing is to enjoy the event - meet new interesting people or learn something new that will broaden your horizons.
This year's theme is privacy and security (read our Manifesto).

What to expect

We will do our best to make your experience as pleasant as possible:
  • 🌱 Pleasant and friendly environment full of enthusiastic people
  • 💬
    Dozens of experienced mentors who will be happy to help you with your project
  • 📚 Lots of talks and workshops where you can learn about current trends
  • 🥗
    Food and drinks for all participants (for free of course!)
  • ⛺ Meeting rooms, for team private meetings etc. (reservation required)
  • 🔌 Ultra fast internet connection and power sockets everywhere
  • 👕 Swag bag with ETHBrno t-shirt and sponsors' items for each participant
  • 🍸 Various interesting side-events and parties
  • ❓ You can only love or hate Brno, together we will find out why
  • ✨ And much more...

The participants' roles

Each participant has an active role in the hackathon, this year we have 5 roles:
  • Hacker
  • Volunteer
  • Mentor
  • Speaker
  • Judge
You can apply for any role (and even more roles at the same time) in the application form, but you must justify your choice to us.

Apply for the hackathon

  1. 1.
    Complete and submit the Unified application form:
  2. 2.
    The organisers will consider your application - if you are accepted then you will receive a email confirmation with your free hacker ticket

Examples of hacks

Here are some examples of what you can start building:
  • A privacy- or security-enhancing tool of any kind
  • Blockchain or smart-contract analysis tool
  • Marketing campaign to promote privacy and security
  • Practical demonstration of the use of Zero-knowledge proofs
  • Identification of risks associated with Layer2s
  • Analysis of risks and threats in relation to the supply chain (wallets, node providers etc.)
  • Contribute to public good open-source projects
More specific examples can be found on our Dework in Ideas Shop section.


  • Maximum of 5 people per team
  • Projects must be related to the "Privacy & Security" topic
  • All code for projects must be written during the event
  • You cannot steal another team’s source code
  • The decision of judges is final in terms of determining prizes and awards
  • Teams may have members joining remotely
  • Teams that have members joining remotely must have a member present on the venue for the judging