When will the event be held and for how long?

The event will take place on November 3-5, 2022.

Where will the event take place?

The main venue is Impact Hub Brno. For more informations see Venue section.

How do I get a ticket or ensure my attendance?

The application form for hackers will be launched during August 2023.
There will be no tickets available for sale!

How many visitors will the event be sized for?

We expect something around 200 hackers and 100 additional visitors (300 people in total).

Is the hackathon only for software developers?

Absolutely not, all people who want to be active are invited to become "hackers" (you can be a copywriter, economist, graphic designer, community builder, translator...). You can learn more in the Hackathon section.

Is this an Ethereum-only event? Does my project have to be Ethereum based?

No, this is not an Ethereum-only event. The hackathon is organized by the Czech Ethereum community (, but anyone can participate (and give a talk) as long as their topic is security and privacy. The same applies to the projects in the hackathon.

I can't attend in person - will the talks be live-streamed?

We're an IRL hackathon, so by not attending onsite you'll inherently miss out on most of the activity. Only the opening and closing keynotes will be live-streamed.

Will the venue be open 24/7 (nonstop)?

Yes, the main Impact Hub venue will be open to hackers nonstop.

Will free food and drink be available?

Yes, there will be a wide selection of food and drinks available for free to everyone throughout the event.
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